My First Award
August 24, 2000
~ Dave's Quickie Mart ~

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Thanks Dave

My Second Award
October 12, 2000
~ Graphic Excitement ~

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Thanks Dee

My Third Award
October 26, 2000
~ Award Designs By Skye ~

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Thank You Skye

My Fourth Award
October 30, 2000
~ Nikki's Gif Paradise ~

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Thank you Nikki

My Fifth Award
November 2, 2000

O'Carney's Homepage Tribute To My Father

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Thank You Tracy

My Sixth Award
November 7, 2000
~ Homepage Of The Bald One Of Brooklyn ~

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Thank You Tboob

My Seventh Award
December 12, 2000
~ Stynger's Pages ~

12 / 12 / 2000  

Thank You Stynger

My Eighth Award
December 20, 2000
~Titanic Pages~

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Thank You James

My Nineth Award
December 26, 2000
~Dino's Place~

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Thank You Dino

My Tenth Award
January 1, 2001
"A Very Great Honor"

Thank You To The Best Group On The Web!!!

My Eleventh Award
January 1, 2001
~Titanic Pages~
"A Very Great Honor"

Thank You So Much James!!!

My Twelveth Award
January 1, 2001
~Friendly Links~

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Thank You Maria and Teri

My Thirteenth Award
February 13, 2001
~Tomb Raider Help~

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Thank You David

My Fourteenth Award
February 17, 2001
~Heartbeat's One And Two~

Thank You Mike And Beverly

My Fifteenth Award
March 6, 2001
~Cover Page For SusanMarie~

Thank You Sue

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